GStreamer SDK has reached its goal

We are pleased to announce that the SDK project was a complete success. Fluendo and Collabora provided a stable release of GStreamer 0.10 supporting multiple platforms while the community worked, together with us, to release and stabilize the new GStreamer 1.x release.

In the 18 months since then, the GStreamer open source project has now adopted the SDK's Cerbero build system and our continued investment has also moved to this initiative. The project now produces its own cross-platform releases of GStreamer, covering the desktop and mobile platforms that the SDK originally set out to target - Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS.

Each release of GStreamer made by the open source project comes with binary builds for these platforms which can be downloaded here and updated documentation/tutorials are maintained here.

For existing users of the 0.10 SDK, the documentation and downloads are maintained here for reference but new adoption is not recommended.

For the time being, evolutions of the SDK project are on hold. Collabora and Fluendo would like to thank the users of the SDK for their support and look forward to continuing our work with the GStreamer community to maintain the powerful cross-platform multimedia functionality that GStreamer provides.

GStreamer SDK: Easy, powerful, stable.

With the SDK, get the most out of GStreamer to create world-class multimedia applications for all form factors running Linux, OS X, Windows, Android and iOS.

GStreamer SDK Sources


Retrieve multimedia content either from your local device(s) or the Internet. GStreamer takes care of buffering, latency and other tasks.

GStreamer SDK containers


GStreamer is capable of decoding most formats such as MP3, MPEG2, MPEG4AVC/H.264, VP8, AAC, AAC+ and Dolby Digital among others.

GStreamer SDK decoding


Provide your applications with the ability to extract media embedded in containers such as QuickTime, Matroska, AVI and more.

GStreamer SDK postprocessing


Easily build apps capable of equalizing audio, filtering video, and balancing color, among many other cool features.

GStreamer SDK Rendering


Render video and audio efficiently on any platform and let the framework do the hard work for you.

GStreamer SDK easy&clear

Easy and Clear

Complete with installation instructions, documentation and tutorials, the SDK helps you quickly get started with GStreamer.

This SDK is for you.

The Gstreamer SDK is an initiative of Fluendo and Collabora to help developers who want to adopt the GStreamer framework .

The SDK is open source and made freely available with the goal of providing a developer friendly environment.
It focuses on documentation and stability for developers building cross-platform and cross-architecture applications on top of the GStreamer framework. The SDK helps application developers as well as companies who aim to produce commercial solutions with GStreamer. This project shares its roadmap publicly on this website, and is not linked to the GStreamer upstream development.

GStreamer SDK for Professionals


Looking for business continuity and qualified support for your multimedia apps? Need to guarantee legal compliance to monetize your products?

The GStreamer SDK facilitates the use and implementation of GStreamer, a multimedia framework chosen by many Fortune 500 companies.

Want to know what else is there for commercial solutions based on GStreamer? The partners behind the SDK project will be happy to provide you with further guidance and information. Just fill out this contact form and tell us all about your project.

GStreamer SDK for Enthusiasts


If you are developing multimedia apps just for the pleasure of doing it, the GStreamer SDK is an excellent way for you to let your imagination soar and create all those cool apps you have in mind. The SDK is completely free!

GStreamer SDK for Professionals

GStreamer provides

  • A strong community of enthusiasts and professionals supporting, updating and improving this multimedia framework on a daily basis.

  • A framework to develop proprietary applications combining a great open source technology with fully licensed codecs.